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Akasia Faith Step D'Reborn DRaz

Gang Starz kembali mencari bakat nyanyian secara berkumpulan di Asia untuk tahun 2008.

Kali ini 5 buah negara akan berentap antaranya Malaysia, Singapura, Indonesia, Thailand dan Filipina.

Rancangan untuk musim kedua ini akan dihoskan oleh Faizal Tahir dan Farah Fauzana. Pemenang untuk musim ini akan mendapat USD 100,000 tunai dan akan menandatangani kontrak rakaman dengan KRU. Manakala juri musim ini ialah Sheikh Haikel dan Ajai. Jadi sama-sama lah kita ikuti GangStarz musim kedua 2008 pada setiap Ahad, 9.00PM di secara langsung di TV3.

Kumpulan-kumpulan berentap:
MALAYSIA 1) One Nation Emcees
2) Akasia
3) South Trio
1) 3 Voices
2) D'Reborn
3) DRaz
1) Faith
2) Brown Tone
1) Paragon Child
2) 3.5
1) PZG
2) Step

Gangstarz 2 weekly concert

The song's title said it all. When Singapore's all-girl quartet Faith sang Tamparan Wanita on TV3's Gangstarz 2 weekly concert, little did they know that it would be their swan song.
The girls were shown the exit after receiving the least number of SMS votes from viewers following their performance at the MBSA Auditorium last night.

Their rendition of the upbeat tune, popularised by local all-female group Elite, also failed to impress the judges, comprising singer/composer/producer Ajai, Singapore rapper/composer Sheikh Haikel and guest juror, singer/music lecturer Syafinaz Selamat.

Hosted by Faizal Tahir and Fara Fauzana, the show was aired live on TV3.

With Faith's departure, the show is left with 10 harmony groups from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia.
They will continue to battle it out until one of them emerges as the best vocal group in the region.

The winner will receive US$100,000 (RM320,000) and a recording contract.

Zarina An-Julie


Kecoh ke pasal ni? Setakat masuk Metro, apa baran? Melodi?

Gang starz Season 2

SHAH ALAM: Singaporean quartet Browntone became the latest casualty of TV3's reality talent series Gangstarz (Season 2), held at the MBSA Auditorium here last night.

The harmony group was placed among the bottom two positions along with South Trio from Malaysia after receiving the least SMS (short messaging system) votes from viewers at the end of the show.

Their innovative performance also failed to impress the show's critics, comprising singer/composer/producer Ajai, Singapore's rapper/composer Sheikh Haikel and guest judge actor/director/singer Afdlin Shauki.

With Browntone's departure, the show is left with nine harmony groups from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.

They will continue their battle to emerge as the best vocal group in the region.
The contestants' performances were accompanied by musicians led by composer-arranger-producer Helen Yap.

The winner, to be determined by viewers via SMS and the jury's votes, will receive US$100,000 (RM320,000) and a recording contract with a local record label.

Hosted by Faizal Tahir and Fara Fauzana, the show was aired live.

Zarina An-Julie New Pontianak

June 20th, 2008


For those who watched the series of Anak Pontianak in TV3 since

Monday, June 9, 2008

Marshall Mann

Marshall Mann is a brilliant second banana role, especially for a TV drama.

A federal marshal working the witness protection program, he's part cop, part family counselor, part travel agent and part partner to Mary Shannon, who can be the toughest of TV-cop cookies.
On July 14, Kyra Sedgwick returns as Brenda Leigh Johnson, in the "The Closer" on TNT.

And all deadpan comic foil.

"I think it's rare to have a one-hour show with this kind of humor," said Frederick Weller, an alumnus of Jesuit High School and Le Petit Theatre productions who's portraying Mann. "It's a great opportunity for a theater actor, in that you usually have in the theater drama with humor. In television, it's usually one or the other.

"Sitcoms can be quite silly and broad. The dramas can be quite humorless. This script immediately just jumped out."

The frequent and frequently dark comic byplay between Mann and Shannon, played by Mary McCormack ("The West Wing," "Private Parts"), is but one of the many attractions of "In Plain Sight," a new drama debuting Sunday on USA.

It is just one of dozens of original series that will fill the airwaves during the next three months, as broadcast and cable networks turn those old summer TV doldrums into a parade of new programming that rivals the fall in quantity, if not quality.

"In Plain Sight" represents yet another sturdy cable effort to bleed viewers from broadcast's reality-TV time slot fillers. True to the often offbeat nature of scripted summer fare, the series will alter its tone depending on the kind of witness being protected in each week's episode. Not everybody in the care of these feds will be a crook.

"It's a different genre every week," said Weller, who's successfully made his way in the larger theater world (including starring on Broadway) as well as on TV (with guest roles on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "Monk" as well as starring roles in the 1990s ABC drama "Missing Persons" and 2000 miniseries "The Beach Boys: An American Family").

Weller was cast for the role of Mann by "In Plain Sight" creator and executive producer David Maples.

"I started out writing the show with Mary's character as the central focus, and Fred's character just sort of grew out of me wanting to find a unique individual who could handle a personality like Mary's," Maples said. "It takes a certain kind of person who is very confident in who they are ... almost secure to the point of being ego-less.
Holly Hunter is back as Grace Hanadarko, an Oklahoma City detective with a complicated personal life in "Saving Grace" July 14, 9 p.m., on TNT.

"To let a personality like Mary's operate the way she does -- most men I think would have a really hard time dealing with her on a daily basis.

"It takes a certain kind of person to do the job that these people do. It takes a unique understanding of the various people that come into the program. It's such a diverse group, from hardened criminals to lifelong repeat offenders, mobsters, terrorists, gang members. And then there are the innocent victims, the witnesses to crime that really have nothing to do with any criminal enterprise but have found themselves in the wrong place.

"Marshall's character, like Mary's character, has to know when to be tough. They have to know when to be sensitive, they have to know when to put on the kid gloves, and they have to know when to pull out the hammer.

"Even more difficult than dealing with the witnesses, Fred's character has to deal with Mary. She's no walk in the park.

"Marshall lets us all know that we love Mary. Without him there, her hardness is uninformed."

A serialized element that runs through the summer series will be Shannon's dealings with wacky family members.

Weller daydreams about Mann's own back story, which is revealed only slightly in the first season. (We learn, for example, that he favors archaic card games over poker.)

"I'll sit around and think about what bizarre musical instrument he plays," Weller said. "What his father did for a living. It's going to be fun to see that.

"I think David Maples will have lot of fun with that down the road.

"The beauty of it is, it's bound to be weird."
Morgan Spurlock does the tough jobs, on "30 Days" starting with coal miner. Monday, June 9, at 9 p.m. on FX.

For now, Weller is enjoying his first significant blast of network promotion (the series has a rich presence at

"This is the first time that I've got my own Web site quiz," Weller said. "I took it. Everybody kept talking about it, but I hadn't seen it yet. I pulled the computer out last night and took the quiz and got a 50, which is pretty pathetic considering I must've known the answers at one point."

Not to mention getting to play a tasty second banana.

"It's interesting. Its fun," Weller said of Mann. "(In one episode), there's one scene in which I put a dangerous criminal in an aikido wrist lock, and then several scenes later you see me in pajamas with little planes on them.

"This is a very interesting, multifaceted character. You don't get to play a bad-ass dork very often. He's a trained killer, but he's not very familiar with poker. He plays faro and whist.

"Very, very interesting."

"Fred himself has got a unique, interesting kind of cool personality," Maples added. "I think it just shines through in his character. He's really a special guy, and so smart and so literate. He's really a pleasure to work with.


LAST SATURDAY night definitely belonged to petite Sabahan Stracie Angie Anam when she emerged champion of Akademi Fantasia 6 at the packed Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Selangor.

The 18-year-old had the audience rooting for her superb vocals and stage performance, soon after she performed her first ballad Atas Nama Cinta and the brand new song Aku Stacy.
Big winner: Akademi Fantasia 6 champion Stracie Angie Anam or Stacy, as she is more popularly known, wants to record an album that can showcase her versatility as a singer.

Even the critics for the night – Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Ning Baizura and Adlin Aman Ramlie – were full of praise for the talented Kadazan girl from Penampang, Sabah.

Stacy, as she is known on the TV show, had been leading the pack in terms of SMS votes since the seventh concert (there were 10 in all) and members of the media were pretty sure that unless the girl performed horribly at the finals, she would triumph over the rest.

And what great news for Sabahans. After waiting for four seasons, Stacy managed to make them proud.

Every year, since the second season of Akademi Fantasia, there have been at least three participants from Sabah who have managed to reach the finals, never winning the top spot, though.

These included Adam, Linda and Mas (from AF2), Felix, Yazer, Marsha and Ekin (from AF3), Lotter, Velvet, Rich, and Nora (AF4), and Noni, Ebi and Candy (AF5). That's quite a number of talented Sabahans!

The official results of the final showed that Stacy received the most SMS votes, and it was a massive win too with 43%! (The next closest competitor was Mohammed Idris Mohd Zaizizi (Riz) with 18 % of the votes.

Stacy, a part-time singer in Penampang, received prizes valued at RM733,734, which includes a four-room bungalow at A Famosa, Malacca, a Peugeot 307 XS sponsored by Naza Motors, RM25,000 cash from Hotlink, holiday package to Italy sponsored by Mayfirst, and to New York by Maybelline. She also took home a Sony Playstation sponsored by Astro and the AF6 trophy.

“I really don’t know what to say except I’m very grateful and thankful to God,” said Stacy in tears, on Saturday night after she'd picked up her prize.

“I just can’t wait to share my win with my family. This is the first time that someone in my family has won something big.

“I just can’t wait to see my family’s reaction!” said Stacy.

Prior to AF6, Stacy had teamed up with her brother, Camellus De’lelli Anam, for another talent-reality show called Gang Starz (Season One) and they managed to reach the semi-finals before they were booted out.

“I don’t think I’m better than the rest,” Stacy humbly offered. “I’m just lucky tonight. I believe that all my four friends in the finals are really good.
The four finalists celebrate with the champ.

“All five of us must have our own strengths to have gotten this far.”

Stacy remembers vividly the advice principal Ramli MS had been drilling into them all this while.

“He said, 'You think you are good but there are people out there who are much better than you’,” Stacy said, adding that through the show, she had many experiences to savour.

“I have learned so much here at the Academy, especially from the principal and the teachers. They have taught me a lot and I don’t know how I can repay them.

“Hopefully, one day, I will know how to and I will be given a chance to return their kindness.”

Stacy is upset that she will have to leave her new-found friends at the Academy after more than two months of living together and bonding. But she's got a lot to look forward to as well.

Now that she has won, she would love to record an album.

“If the opportunity arises, I want an album that features different genres such as rock, ballad, jazz and R&B because I want to hone my versatility,” said Stacy.

For those who have been watching Diari Akademi Fantasia (the weekly diary-type programme in between AF performance shows) they would surely have noticed that Stacy was the most hard-working student at the Academy.

“Am I really hard-working? I guess I went to the Academy because I wanted to learn.

“At the Academy, I was given the chance to gain knowledge for 10 weeks and I didn’t want to waste that chance,” said the petite girl (she stands at 155cm) who hopes to be able to sit for her SPM exam soon.

“I missed out on the exam last year because I was juggling between singing part-time and schooling and at the end, I quit school to earn money to help out my family,” said Stacy, the fifth of six siblings.

“I did not quit school because I like singing more. It was more because of financial constraints faced by my parents (father Anam Bayar and mother Agnes Kaloos are both odd-job workers) that I decided to pursue singing.”

Before the next hurdle, however, Stacy will have lots of time to savour her current win.

“I’m still digesting the whole experience of AF6 and actually winning! I’m just so happy and proud and can’t wait to see my family!


Tomorrow being the finale of Akademi Fantasia’s sixth season, DENNIS CHUA treks through the essentials.

THE 10-week “adventure” for viewers of Astro’s most popular production ends tomorrow with a colourful grand finale at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Akademi Fantasia Season Six (AF6), the first season of the reality talent show without zany Aznil Nawawi as host, will find its champion from amongst finalists from Perak, Sabah, Johor and Negri Sembilan.

They are Nadia Haswani Hasnan, 18 (Taiping); Idris (Riz) Zaizizi, 22, (Grik); Stacy Angie Anam, 18, (Kota Kinabalu); Nubhan Ahamad, 22, (Kuala Pilah); and Khairul Nizam (Toi) Baharom, 31, (Johor Baru).

At the end of the two-hour final live concert over Astro Ria at 9pm, the champion will walk away with a four-room bungalow located at the A’Famosa Resort in Malacca, a Peugeot 307 XS, RM25,000, holidays in South Africa, and New York and a Sony PlayStation.
Last year, the reality show crowned its first female champion, Norsyarmilla Jirin or Mila. Mila recently won the Discovery International Pop Festival in Varna, Bulgaria. This time round, the chances of a female AF champion emerging are high.

Nadia, Stacy and Riz are hugely popular with fans and the permanent judges Fauziah “Ogy” Ahmad Daud and Ning Baizura. Both agree these three are the strongest contenders for the crown.

As Fauziah put it: “Nadia, Stacy and Riz have been the most consistent, and by the eighth performance, I could see them in the finals.

“Nadia works hard to give a good performance and it shows. The same with Stacy. Riz, with his experience in singing contests, also never disappoints.”

Ning also felt that “the trio are truly talented and they work hard to give viewers what they want every week, minor hiccups aside.”
Stacy has been leading the pack in terms of SMS votes since the seventh concert.

Prior to that concert which saw Bukit Mertajam boy Alif Razali shown the door, the Kadazan-Dusun Stacy shared positions one and two with Alif almost weekly.

Fans and critics alike regard him as being meticulously prepared for every performance.

The former Gang Starz Season One singer who was with the band Evoke has won praise as the show’s “saving grace” whenever mediocrity was the order of the day.

Among Stacy’s best performances were when she sang Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi, a song made popular by Indonesian pop star Mulan, Dont’ Speak and Beat It.

Ogy has praised Stacy for taking on challenging songs and making them her own, a task which occasionally eludes the other female contender Nadia.

While Nadia has a tendency to imitate the original singers, which has drawn criticism from principal Ramli MS and occasional guest judge Adlin Aman Ramlie, few find fault with her powerful vocals which upstage that of her role model Mila.

It is no surprise that she is lead vocalist in the contestants’ weekly rendition of the Akademi Fantasia theme song Menuju Puncak.

Like Stacy, she delivers English and Bahasa Malaysia songs with ease; she is equally at home singing Beyonce’s One Night Only or Elyana’s Kalis Rindu.

Riz, who participated in Malaysian Idol 1, and competed under pop group Equal Star in Gang Starz Season One, has been this season’s “alpha male” both physically and talent-wise.

Riz generates the loudest cheers from the girls in weekly concerts.
The judges loved his take on romantic ballads such as Anuar Zain’s Ketentuan Hati and Imran Ajmain’s Seribu Tahun, as well as his rendition of Muse’s Time Is Running Out.

However, his attempt to Rock Around The Clock lacked oomph and earned him a tongue-lashing from Ogy.

Nubhan, with his “kampung boy” looks and melodious voice, initially charmed fans and judges with his takes on Malay pop hits such as Ruang Rindu by Letto and Tak Bisa Memilihmu by Sixth Sense.

However, the English songs, such as Bryan Adams’ Summer Of ‘69, showed Nubhan’s limits.

Toi, the only father among the boys, may be a world-class angklung player but most of his weekly performances have been thrashed by Ogy and the equally acerbic Adlin.

However, he surprised everyone during the ninth concert with an excellent rendition of Handy Black’s hit song Kau Yang Bernama Seri.

Of the nine eliminated contestants, two created history in Akademi Fantasia, despite their less-than-outstanding performances.

They were pop queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s elder sister Siti Norsaida Tarudin, 32, and Toi’s 44-year-old hometown friend, Hairina Abdul Halim aka. Mama Rina.

Siti Norsaida, a mother of four, failed to impress judges most of the time, and seemed a tad too nervous on stage.

Mama Rina, a divorcee with a daughter and two grandchildren, failed to break free from her lounge singer image, which she had cultivated in the last two decades.

AF6 marked the return of no-nonsense Ramli MS to the principal’s chair after four years.

The acclaimed composer and music director who is marking his 30th year in the music industry is best known as AF1’s sharpest critic and the principal of AF2, which was arguably the most popular and successful season.

“I have decided to give Akademi Fantasia another go. It is a programme that enables me to educate and train new talents for the music and entertainment industry,” he said.

AF6’s biggest surprise was the raising of the contestants’ maximum age limit from 29 to 45.

The move did not go down well with many fans as they felt that older talents would only be successful if they had been discovered in their 20s.

As for Aznil’s successor as host, AC Mizal of AC Di Sini fame, appears to be finding it tough filling in the shoes of the country’s No. 1 television presenter.

Nevertheless, AC has pleased fans by speeding up the elimination segment at the end of every weekly concert, doing away with the melodrama.

The daily Diari AF peeks into the lives of the students in their classroom, featuring zany Sarimah Ibrahim and Zainal Alam Kadir who are just the right persons to brief viewers on the goings-on at the Academy.

Intelligent, witty and always smiling, they have proven more than capable of assisting AC in his gargantuan task.

Golden Premier

HE popular Konsert Jom Heboh will be aired “live” from National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday over TV3 at 9pm. It edges out Gang Starz the concert this week.

Catch Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (tomorrow, TV3, 12.30am)
Catch Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (tomorrow, TV3, 12.30am)

Konsert Jom Heboh features various local artistes and also several groups from Gang Starz. Another “live” event to be aired is the official opening ceremony of national-level sporting event Sukma XII. It will be aired from Terengganu (RTM1, tomorrow, 8.30pm).

Taiwanese variety show Hi Seoul debuts over 8TV on Sunday at 7pm). It features matchmaking sessions, short dramas, interactive games and talent shows by participants. One Republic Dreaming Out Loud Music Special (8TV, tomorrow, 11.30am) features American rock band One Republic performing songs from its debut album Dreaming Out Loud.

Catch The Making of ...Kung Fu Panda (ntv7, Sunday, 2pm) for a behind-the-scenes look at the animation that will be opening here on June 6. Kung Fu Panda, featuring the voices of Jack Black, Jackie Chan and Dustin Hoffman, among others, is about a lazy panda who has to save his habitat from enemies.

TOMORROW School Break Special (RTM2, 10am) — Casper: A Spirited Beginning This made-for television movie rides on the highly successful feature film Casper, and tells the story of the beginnings of Casper, from a normal boy to a ghost. He is so friendly that he is told by other ghosts that he has an “unghostly” attitude. Starring Steve Guttenberg and Lori Loughlin. Panggung Sabtu (TV3, 2.02pm) — Phil Milenge Tamanna, an outgoing advertising executive who is an asset to her company, is relieved of duty after she is tested HIV-positive — the result of an intimate moment with an old friend. She decides to fight back, but no lawyers want to argue her case. Starring Shilpa Shetty and Salman Khan. TV3 Cinema (TV3, 12.30am) — Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Sexy and intrepid British archaeologist Lara Croft has discovered an orb that leads to the mythical Pandora’s Box. Unfortunately, an evil scientist gets hold of it to further his interest, and Lara and her former lover Terry Sheridan embark on an adventure to regain the orb. Starring Angelina Jolie and Gerard Butler.

Chinese Movie (8TV, 8.30pm) — Final Romance Ah Dik and Jean meet in Japan to bury the ashes of Ah Dik’s brother and Jean’s sister, who were once lovers. Ah Dik and Jean soon fall in love, but Jean is forced by her father to get engaged to someone else, while Ah Dik finds out that Jean’s father is connected to his brother’s death. Starring Edison Chen and Amanda Strang.

SUNDAY Sunday Daytime Special (RTM2, 3pm) — Real Genius A group of seven FBI trainees is sent to an isolated island for the final stage of their training period under the direction of the eccentric Jake Harris, who uses questionable methods. However, they are attacked and killed one by one by a serial killer that can be one of the team members. Starring Eion Bailey, Clifton Collin Jr and Val Kilmer.

Golden Premier (RTM2, 10pm) — Honesty Moses, a naive and honest veterinarian, lives with his longtime girlfriend. He is unaware that his girlfriend is having a fling with someone else. Starring Richie Ren and Cecilia Cheung.

Festival (ntv7, 9.30pm) — Cinta Tiga Segi Set in an apartment complex, this telemovie features three intertwining love stories that will converge into a powerful tale of love, passion, and self-forgiveness. Starring Juliana Ibrahim, Isma Husein and Chew Kin Wah. Sinema (TV9, 10pm) — Hadiah Bulan Madu Adi manages his late father’s company after marrying Nurul, and everything is in place. But Adi has to face Nurul’s uncle Badar, who wants to take over the company, as well as Nurul’s ex-boyfriend Man. Starring Khairil Anuar and Nor Albaniah.